We support clients from design through to full technical architecture on RFID or ID-type card solutions for all types of membership cards.

Being a part of something bigger!

Your membership card should serve as a reminder to members that they are part of something bigger. At we produce membership cards for a variety of organisations around the world encouraging your members to participate in events, discussions and promotions by making them proud to be part of your ‘team’ using designs bespoke to each organisation.

Your new membership cards

From a personalised design through to smart data collection, here's how we can help your membership cards stand out from the crowd.


Reminding members of the value that your organisation gives as part of the membership. Our account management team will work alongside you to create a card to help you communicate your organisation's core values.

Data Gathering

Our membership cards come with a variety of finishes. Mag stripe or barcodes will allow you to gather data when your members use it. The data gained from using our membership cards can help you continue to improve your company's offering.

Personalisation has the expert capability and experience to help clients with every step of the process personalisation of the final product helping your card become a status symbol and a way for your clients to show their pride of belonging to a specific group.

Secure Packaging

Help your company make the best first impression. allpay’s experts will work with you to design and produce secure packaging solutions in line with your marketing strategies and card requirements.

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What our customers think

"Account management has been great and they are able to bring in technical expertise on production, manufacturing and chip configuration quickly as all of this is in-house. In terms of its competitive advantages over its UK competitors – it is its ability to deliver; pure and simple. We needed flexibility, expertise and agility and we got that with allpay - we didn’t get that elsewhere. We were very pleased we went with allpay and look forward to working closely with them"

Julian Sawyer, Chief Operating Officer - Starling Bank

Market Intelligence

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Supporting the launch of an eye-catching new card for financially excluded individuals, implemented Pockit in just eight weeks.

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25th September 2018

The use of biometrics is a hot topic in the industry. Services such as Apple Pay and Android Pay have caused an increase in the use of biometrics for consumer payments, however they are still somewhat limited.

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9th March 2018

Chelsi Jones, Account Management Assistant at allpay Cards, shares her thoughts on the evolving world of payments. Chelsi talks about how the payment world has moved on from cash to digital payments, contactless cards, wearables and biometrics.