Eco Solutions

We have introduced a range of sustainable solutions across our card manufacture and bureau services. From materials utilised to produce the card and packaging, through to internal processes to reduce the impact on the environment.

6,000,000,000 payment cards are produced annually worldwide.

We have introduced a range of eco-friendly solutions to reduce the impact of card production on the environment and to provide our clients a solution that is right for them and their customers.

Recycled PVC

Recycled PVC is a sustainable eco solution that does not compromise on quality, printability, durability and certification requirements. Using recycled PVC in card manufacturing offers numerous environmental benefits. It significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption compared to virgin PVC production, thus promoting sustainability. The use of recycled PVC also leads to a substantial saving of CO2 emissions, with the business estimating that approximately two kilograms of CO2 will be saved for every kilogram of recycled PVC used. It also contributes to the preservation of natural resources by reducing the demand for virgin PVC, helping to minimise landfill volumes associated with PVC waste disposal. A key advantage is that recycled PVC can be recycled multiple times without significant loss of quality or performance, making it a valuable resource in a circular economy model.

Sustainable Stationery

We offer a wide range of sustainable stationery from the traditional card on A4 letter and envelope to bespoke packaging. All of the paper used on our A4 letters and envelopes are 100% biodegradable, 100% compostable and 100% recyclable. We also offer an incredible range of sustainable packaging, with 100% cardboard constructions. Sustainable packaging uses less water and energy to produce, consequently reducing the impact on the environment.

End-to-end Recycling

We already recycle 100% of our waste cards, plastic skeletons and any expired cards. We are now offering a further service to our clients, enabling them to send back their expired cards. The recycling of the plastic includes the chip and antennae meaning 100% of the card is recycled. The cards undergo a regrind process on-site and are then recycled for use in the construction industry.

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"The process of designing the new card was straight-forward and we are delighted with the final result. Working alongside the team is fantastic as they are always very knowledgeable and efficient which certainly helps make our job easier every time!"

Alana Parsons, Chief Operations Officer, Caxton Business

Market Intelligence

The latest industry news and updates from the allpay cards team.

allpay Limited achieves Mastercard Sustainability Badge

4th April 2024

allpay cards Joins SPICA’s Closed Loop Recycling Project to Spearhead Sustainable Card Production

1st March 2024

allpay cards, a pioneering entity in card manufacturing, proudly announces its collaboration with SPICA, an industry leader in the production of high-performance recycled and virgin PVC material. As the only card manufacturers in the UK with this set-up, this partnership marks a significant stride toward fostering sustainable practices within the card production industry.

Celebrating Art, Innovation, and Recognition in Finance

8th February 2024

In a world where financial institutions often prioritise corporate branding over individual expression, TallyMoney and allpay cards have embarked on a revolutionary collaboration that challenges the conventional norms of card design.

TallyMoney wins Best Product Design at the 2024 Card & Payment Awards

2nd February 2024

TallyMoney Scoop Best Product Design at the 2024 Card & Payment Awards.

allpay cards plays a crucial role in overseeing the manufacturing process for Fire

2nd January 2024

Fire helps businesses access payment services and automate payment processes. With their digital platform and licences, Fire delivers solutions that make payment processing faster, more cost-effective and secure - all with the help of UK card manufacturers, allpay cards.