Kroo is a fully licensed digital bank founded in 2016. It secured its full UK banking licence in 2022 and launched its flagship FSCS-protected current account, which is now offering a 4.35% AER/4.26% Gross (variable) interest rate since August 2023.

Offering the security of a high street bank and the flexibility and intuitive customer service of a FinTech, Kroo offers a digital current account and overdrafts, FSCS deposit protection up to £85k, and zero fees on debit card spending abroad. In the future, Kroo will use predictive technology to track spending in real time, helping customers make better financial decisions and stay on top of their transactions and upcoming payments.

allpay cards has produced the debit cards for every Kroo account opened since the launch of their current account back in December 2022, and they now currently have over 130,000 accounts. All cards have been delivered on time, within 2 to 3 days from the account being opened.

The problem

The main challenge Kroo faced with the production of their cards was managing the demand effectively. Having to continuously ensure that there is enough stock to meet the demand, whilst still avoiding wastage, there is a fine art in forecasting the peaks and troughs in card demand, and allpay cards provided the guidance on how to fine tune this process.

The solution

allpay cards worked collaboratively with Kroo to explain the activity that will lead to surges in demand and ensure both parties are able to meet the demand effectively. allpay cards shared ideas, guidance, and innovative solutions to the ways of producing cards at Kroo. It is a true partnership between the two organisations.

The result

allpay cards now oversee the production, personalisation, and distribution of Kroo debit cards. They produce the physical cards including chips, personalise them with the account holder’s details and then organise and dispatch the cards so they are delivered to their customers.

Kroo debit cards are an integral part of their business - they couldn’t run without them. allpay cards have always delivered the product needed in a timely and efficient way, allowing them to keep their business running in the busiest of times.

“allpay cards’ speed, efficiency and reliability in card production, personalisation and distribution is reflected in our TrustPilot score, which currently sits at 4.4 - higher than any other digital bank in the UK.” - Phill Laughton-Gleave, Head of Central Operations, Kroo