5th January 2021

We have thoroughly reviewed our business continuity arrangements, in light of the potential risk of the coronavirus, to ensure we are fully prepared.

Our Business Continuity Plan is designed to mitigate the impact of disruptive events, including a prolonged pandemic, to ensure the continuity of services with priority given to critical functions. The plan includes alternative working arrangements and the capability to operate over a prolonged period due to infections and quarantine. This could include limiting access to our site to minimise the risk of infection and potentially site closure if mandated by the Department of Health.

We continue to review each department across the business to assess levels of resilience against these scenarios. This process has enabled us to identify vulnerable departments and any potential single points of failure. We have subsequently taken steps to increase resilience across the business, with an ongoing programme of review and improvement, including:

• Increased issuing of laptops across the business and upgrading telecoms (Skype for Business) to maximise remote working
• Identifying individuals to cover the work of potential single points of dependency
• Establishing a Crisis Management Team
• Creating a multi-level response plan with defined trigger points.

These measures will minimise impact on the services allpay cards provides to our clients. We are also assessing our own suppliers’ resilience to the risk of coronavirus which could impact our capability: as indeed could Government intervention in the event of a pandemic reaching the UK.

We continue to refine these measures and to monitor the current spread of coronavirus, including the advice provided by the Government, in order to assess levels of risk and our planned response.

The responsible contact in the event of any Business Continuity Plan being invoked is Richard Hopper, Business Continuity Manager. He can be contacted via email at Richard.hopper@allpay.net.