allpay cards, one of the UK's leading plastic card manufacturers, is proud to push forward with its latest sustainability initiative forming part of its ongoing commitment to reducing the environmental impact of card production.

A significant change for the business is its adoption of recycled PVC for both Mastercard and Visa payment cards. This is a crucial step in the reduction of plastic waste and supporting the circular economy, while still providing high-quality products to clients.

Using recycled PVC in card manufacturing offers numerous environmental benefits. It significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption compared to virgin PVC production, thus promoting sustainability. The use of recycled PVC also leads to a substantial saving of CO2 emissions, with the business estimating that approximately two kilograms of CO2 will be saved for every kilogram of recycled PVC used.

Moreover, it contributes to the preservation of natural resources by reducing the demand for virgin PVC, helping to minimise landfill volumes associated with PVC waste disposal. A key advantage is that recycled PVC can be recycled multiple times without significant loss of quality or performance, making it a valuable resource in a circular economy model.

“By embracing recycled PVC in our card production, we are taking a purposeful step towards a greener future," says Emily Lovelock, Head of Sales at allpay cards. “This initiative showcases our dedication to reducing our ecological footprint while continuing to provide top-quality solutions to our valued clients."

This initiative forms part of the wider sustainable offering. From a wide range of sustainable postage options, including letters and envelopes made from 100% biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, FSC accredited paper to sustainable bespoke packaging solutions that use 100% cardboard constructions, reducing water and energy consumption during production.

allpay cards is proud to be a leader in sustainable card production, and its latest initiatives demonstrate the company's commitment to reducing its environmental impact while still delivering high-quality products and services to its clients.

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