allpay cards, a pioneering entity in card manufacturing, proudly announces its collaboration with SPICA, an industry leader in the production of high-performance recycled and virgin PVC material. As the only card manufacturers in the UK with this set-up, this partnership marks a significant stride toward fostering sustainable practices within the card production industry.

SPICA is renowned for its commitment to producing top-tier Recycled PVC material, adhering strictly to the highest quality standards. With an unwavering focus on delivering excellence, SPICA ensures that the film utilised in card production stands as the epitome of global quality.

In a transformative move, SPICA has restructured its entire operational paradigm, transitioning from the conventional 'TAKE-MAKE-DISPOSE' model to the environmentally conscious 'REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE' approach. Embracing this closed-loop system, SPICA harnesses skeletons, setup sheets, and printed sheets to regenerate new material, initiating an endlessly sustainable cycle. A comprehensive take-back scheme has been instituted, encompassing post-consumer and post-industrial waste, enabling markets to achieve a 100% circular approach.

As for the logistics, Spica not only take their products back for recycling, but they also take any other PVC waste products from allpay cards’ other suppliers. The process requires very strict guidelines to avoid contamination of different products at different stages of production, it requires great discipline from operators to change waste bins on machines as they go from one product to another to avoid contamination especially between white and coloured plastic.

The introduction of SICO-R PVC and Recycled film designed for diverse application fields, stands as a testament to SPICA's commitment to sustainability. Opting for SPICA’s SICO-R signifies a conscious choice toward utilising 100% recyclable material, thereby enabling the production of cards that are entirely recyclable. By aligning with SPICA and selecting SICO-R, allpay cards embraces sustainability while delivering exceptional quality in card production. Find out more about allpay cards’ Recycled PVC solutions here.